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** [[Blog Roll]]
** [[Blog Roll]]
* [[Story Telling]]
* [[Storytelling]]
** [[Blogs About Community]]
** [[Blogs About Community]]
** [[Wikis About Community]]
** [[Wikis About Community]]

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Welcome to the Blue Oxen Associates Watering Hole. This is the gathering point for the many collaboratories we host.

You can find great summaries of the various going-ons in our different collaboratories at our blog. We encourage all of our collaboratory members to contribute summaries of discussions they find interesting and valuable (see Posting Blog Entries).


Collaboration Collaboratory

  • RelatedEfforts
  • LicensingIssues

Much of our discussion is over our Mailing Lists. We are also experimenting with Logged Chat.

Please read our Wiki Guidelines. If you're new to Wikis, you should read about the WikiWikiWeb, then play in our Sandbox. We're running PurpleWiki, which has some special Text Formatting Rules.

Best Practices


If you are new to Wikis, read Wiki Zen and play in the Sandbox. Ask questions at the Help Desk. Record problems at Wiki Problems.


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