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= Best Practices {nid HA} =
= Best Practices {nid HA} =
* UseWikiWords {nid HB}
* Use [[WikiWord]]s {nid HB}
* NamingWikiPages {nid HC}
* NamingWikiPages {nid HC}
* WikiAccessControl {nid 1AW}
* WikiAccessControl {nid 1AW}

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Welcome to the BlueOxenAssociates WateringHole. This is the gathering point for the many collaboratories we host. {nid H4}

You can find great summaries of the various going-ons in our different collaboratories at our blog. We encourage all of our collaboratory members to contribute summaries of discussions they find interesting and valuable (see PostingBlogEntries). {nid H5}

  • CollaborationCollaboratory {nid H6}
  • CollaboratoryMembers {nid H7}
  • CollaboratoryTools {nid H8}
  • ToolStrategy {nid H9}

Best Practices {nid HA}

  • Use WikiWords {nid HB}
  • NamingWikiPages {nid HC}
  • WikiAccessControl {nid 1AW}
  • WhereToBlog {nid HD}

Support {nid HE}

If you are new to Wikis, read WikiZen and play in the SandBox. Ask questions at the HelpDesk. {nid HF}

  • WikiTemplates {nid HG}
  • PostingPhotos {nid HH}

Policies {nid HI}

  • UsagePolicy {nid HJ}
  • PrivacyPolicy {nid HK}
  • SandBox {nid HL}
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