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Welcome to the Blue Oxen Associates Watering Hole. This is the Collab Wiki, a Dynamic Knowledge Repository of our community's knowledge on all things related to collaboration, as well as a gathering place for our community.

We also have a place for informal chatter; we'd encourage you to participate there as well!

First Time Here?

The tool that runs this site is called a Wiki. If you're new to Wikis or this Wiki in particular, please read Wiki Zen, then play in our Sandbox.

If you have questions, post them to the Help Desk.

Community Wisdom

We are interested in how Groups can collaborate more effectively. Fundamentally, the questions are:

About This Community

We are lucky to be part of a large network of practice centered around collaboration. Additionally, Blue Oxen Associates hosts a number of collaboratories for different groups and projects.

This collaboratory (the Collab Wiki) serves as a Dynamic Knowledge Repository for this community, with wisdom gleamed from all of our different collaboratories as well as our community at large.

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