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Welcome to the Blue Oxen Associates Watering Hole. This is the gathering point for the many collaboratories we host.

You can find great summaries of the various going-ons in our different collaboratories at our blog. We encourage all of our collaboratory members to contribute summaries of discussions they find interesting and valuable (see Posting Blog Entries).


Best Practices


If you are new to Wikis, read Wiki Zen and play in the Sandbox. Ask questions at the Help Desk. Record problems at Wiki Problems.


Merged Content

Past Projects

Tools We Use

The Blue Oxen Way

Catalyzing Collaboration: Facilitating Emergence

Think Out Loud, Ship Product, Report Out -- prerequisites for emergence, even if the outcome is not immediate or guaranteed.

Wicked Problem Tree

Collaboration School

What is the Role of an Organization in a Network / Community?

If you can't organize self-organization, then what role does an organization play?

Case studies (see Network Mission Statements):

Patterns of High-Performance Collaboration


Improving Collaborative Tools

Facilitating the coevolution of collaborative tools.



  • FLOSS Usability Sprints

Learning Community for Collaboration (via Collaboratories)

Those who deeply understand collaboration rarely self-identify as experts in collaboration. They tend to be domain experts who need to collaborate effectively to do their jobs effectively. (See "Clustering in the Margins.")

We need to think more seriously about the craft of collaboration -- a cognitive framework for thinking about collaboration and expressing best practices. However, we also need to be careful to avoid the Professionalization of collaboration.

Patterns Of Collaboration play a big role.

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