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PurpleWiki is a version of Use Mod:UseMod Wiki that has been modified to support Purple Numbers. For instructions on using the additional capabilities, see PurpleWiki:TextFormattingRules. See PurpleWiki:PurpleWiki for more information.

Report problems to Chris Dent or Eugene Eric Kim.


I was looking over my

handiwork here, and I found two strange items that I think must be in the Bugs category. So now there is a Bugs topic on this page.

  • When I ran the (diff) that is available on this page, it showed all of the first bulleted items under Gotchas that were edited the other day. The peculiar thing is that the before and after boxes are identical for each diff-ed paragraph. I think this has to do with HTML dropping leading whitespace. So there is weirdness because we are being shown the diff-ed material in presentation format, although it is of material that is in edit-window (Wiki Text) form. (Although I changed the bulleted items because the Wiki Text and their presentations were different: the leading space before the * caused fixed-pitch font usage.) - orcmid 2004-04-04
  • There's an OtherChanges or similar item at the bottom of a viewed page (I can't go get the correct wording right now because of the first Gotcha, below).
    • Oh, it's called "View other revisions". What "other?" Am I running into a subtlety between "View other versions" and "View other revisions?" A context problem perhaps.
    • In any case, when I follow the "View other revisions," it says that the changes 6 and 5 are by Eugene Eric Kim, not yours truly. But the descriptions on the changes are the descriptions I made, and I am not sure what happened because the system says no (diff) available. In other views, it attributes the changes to me. I think misattribution, if that is what it is, must be considered a bug. On Wikipedia it would be a real problem if there was a provenance dispute, or a plagiarism objection to be resolved. That probably doesn't matter here, but it seems important. An interesting question around collaboration, ego-lessness (my lack thereof), and such, but I do think it must be a bug. And it is recurring. The two versions (8 and 7) that are identified as the result of entering these very bullets are also attributed to Eugene Eric Kim as well. - orcmid 2004-04-04


OK, you'd rather have reports, but I'm lazy and I need a way to do this quickly and then get back to whatever it is I think I am accomplishing. - Dennis Hamilton 2004-03-31
  • If I have to leave an edit page for some reason (say to figure out a URL), when I come back I get the page as unedited, rather than a way to refresh it to where I was. - orcmid
  • There is no way to cancel out of changing a page. I know that abandoning the page will work just fine, but an explicit cancel operation has great power. - orcmid
  • The business about needing spaces around a title or else the "==" will appear literally is too subtle. - orcmid
  • There's got to be a Online better way of finding out what is already here and what pages have already beeen started or are waiting to be started. It is too easy to invent a new WikiWord almost the same as another WikiWord that already does the job and not know it. - orcmid
  • I really love having the preview below the edit window, but my first reaction is often that nothing has happened and I freeze until I remember to scroll down. - orcmid
  • There's enough variation from one Wiki to another that the brief treatment of Wiki Text here is not enough to figure things out. I don't have an answer for that one. It niggles. - orcmid
  • I would like to use Inter Wiki namespace links too, but I can't remember where the list is. If I knew, I would want to put it somewhere for it to be found, other than just my own little scratchpad of places I want to be able to find quickly - orcmid
  • The business about even a single space at the beginning of a line forcing fixed-font is a little hair-triggered. I get tripped up because some Wikis expect the "*" for a bulleted-list to be after a leading space. Also, I think rfc3676 might be appropriate in Wiki Text. - orcmid


It is important in thinking about gotchas to also consider the attaboys, features that stand out for people. I know there are some of those for me about Purple Wiki. They don't come to mind now, because that is not what my attention is on (how funny). And I am starting this section anyhow because I know there is much to like about this place. - orcmid 2004-04-04
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